NOBLE BRANDS - Electric Cupping Massage Device Intelligent Breathing LCD Display

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The Difference Between Type A/B:

Type A: Breathing Pressure, 6-gear Red Light Heating, 6-gear Negative Pressure, Led Display, One-key Stop Suction, Timing Design, Scraping and Cupping Massage 3 in 1(USB charging style)

Type B: Breathing Pressure, 12-gear Red Light Heating, 12-gear Negative Pressure, LCD Display, One-key Pressure Relief, Timing Design, Scraping and Cupping Massage 3 in 1(USB charging style)


1.【Combination of traditional and modern technology】 The cupping massager adds modern technology to the traditional cupping device, adding vibrating sticks and red light physiotherapy functions, which can absorb and release rhythmically. Compared with the traditional cupping device, no open flame is needed, it is convenient to carry and clean, and it can massage better and bring a more comfortable experience.

2.【Multiple modes, easy to operate】 The product has three negative pressure modes and three vibration modes. Different combinations of modes can give you different massage experiences. Left click to start and select negative pressure mode, right click to select vibration mode, its operation is so simple! You can choose the most suitable mode according to your own situation!

3.【Red light therapy】 Red light therapy can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and pain, enhance immunity and metabolism, and bring you more relaxation and pleasure.

4.【Smart vibrator】It can safely withstand the skin during cupping to prevent excessive strain

5.【Large capacity battery, small and portable】 It is so small and light, you can put it in your bag. The product has a built-in 2000mah lithium battery. You can use it anytime and anywhere at home and in the office, and enjoy professional massage. The USB charging cable allows you to charge in time and conveniently.

6.【Best gift】 The lightweight, compact and professional cupping device is the best gift for your relatives, friends, and lovers on special days!

Cupping Note:

1. Disable cupping for diseases with bleeding tendency, such as thrombocytopenia and white blood
Disease, allergic purpura.
2. New injuries, fractures, scars, local malignant tumors, varicose veins, large body surface
People with poor elasticity of blood vessels and local skin should not be used.
3. Use with caution in the lower abdomen of women during menstruation, lower abdomen, lumbosacrum, breast during pregnancy
Banned in the room. .
4. It is forbidden for patients with severe heart, kidney, liver disease and high fever convulsions.
5. Disabled for skin allergies, trauma, and ulcers.
6. It is not suitable for the facial features and the front and back two yin areas.
7. Hemorrhage, fullness, sweating, thirst, hunger, drunkenness and overwork are prohibited.
8. After the tank is used, it can be wiped with medical cotton dipped in disinfectant or alcohol, not soaked, boiled or treated at high temperature.
9. Plump, fasting without cupping operation
10. The same part, not cupping every day;
11. The traces of cupping have not disappeared before, no more cupping;
12. Don't take a bath immediately when cupping, especially in cold water bath.